Did You Buy And Older Home With Electrical Concerns? What To Know

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Did you purchase an old mid-20th century home and you love the charm, but you worry about the electrical wiring and fixtures in the house? If so, an electrical contractor can come and help you update the property so everything is functional.

The contractor will first do an inspection and tell you what needs to be changed throughout the space, and what you need to update to meet the city standards and housing codes. Here are a few things to consider when you get an estimate from the contractor.

The Electrical Box and Wiring

Does the house have a Federal Pacific electrical box that is a danger in the home and you need to get rid of it? This brand of unit was recalled and poses a fire hazard in the home. The electrical contractor can change out the unit and update the wiring and electrical outlets in the house to make sure everything is up to date and safe before you move in.

Overhead Lighting

Is the house missing overhead lighting in a majority of the rooms? This wasn't a popular thing at the time, but you can easily have the house wired so you can put chandeliers and hanging lights all throughout the space. This also means that you won't have cords running through all of the rooms. Consider closet lighting, outdoor lighting and more while you have the project going.

Home Security and Safety Alarms

The house should at least have updated smoke detectors and fire alarms, along with a carbon monoxide detector. If you are interested in having a security system installed in the house, the contractor can do this work as well. Make sure that you have the list of everything you want installed when they first come to your house, so they know if the security system should include the garage, windows and more.

Electrical work is something that you can't do on your own at home, and instead you have to call a licensed contractor to do all of the work. They will have to pull permits from the city to make a lot of the changes that you want around the house, but updating the house will increase the property value in the end. You also want to let the homeowner's insurance company know that you updated the electrical wiring, to see if you can get an insurance discount for making the changes.   


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