Installing True Surround Sound: What to Expect from Your Construction and Electrical Contractors

Posted on: 19 April 2016

True surround sound, the kind that comes from having hidden speakers in every room of your house, is a very nice feature to have if you are fond of music and movies with theater sound. If you have finally decided to commit to this project for your home, you should be aware of what this entails. Here is what you can expect from your construction and electrical contractors when you install true surround sound.

What the Construction Contractor Will Do

You will definitely need a construction contractor for this project. The construction contractor will check your entire home for acoustics. Since most homes do not have the best acoustics, your contractor will pull apart the walls and ceilings to rebuild them and create better sound quality for all of the speakers that will be installed. Before the speakers can be installed and camouflaged, however, the electrical contractor will need to complete his or her part of the job.

What the Electrical Contractor Will Do

With the walls and ceilings ripped apart, the electrical contractor will come in and rewire the entire house for the speakers and audio systems, including any remote control via Wi-Fi features. If your electrical box needs to be updated so that it can handle the increased power load for your stereo, audio, and surround sound equipment, then your electrician will complete that work at the same time. Once your electrical contractor/electrician has completed all of the electrical work, the construction contractor will return to complete his or her part of the job.

What Comes Last When Your Contractors Are Finishing the Job

The installation of the speakers, adding insulation and height to the walls and ceilings to perfect the sound quality in every room, and building up and closing up the walls and ceilings so that the holes are no longer visible are the final steps. Speakers can be placed within walls, along floor boards, under the bases of jacuzzi tubs or in the walls above and close to the tubs, and along the ceilings in your bedrooms and kitchen. Before the walls and ceilings are fully closed up, your contractor may check the sound by having you turn on your stereo or play a movie on the TV. When the sound quality is verified as good, all of the openings in the walls and ceilings will be filled in. When everything is in place and properly camouflaged, you do not see the speakers unless you look really hard for them and you never see any of the wiring because all of the wiring and cords for the system are enclosed within your walls.

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