Worried About Your Elderly Parent's Aging House And It's Electrical System? Safety Woes You Can't Ignore

Posted on: 25 April 2016

  Are you noticing electrical concerns around your parent's home when you visit, and you worry that they could have safety hazards that they don't notice or know about? Is there breaking always tripping and your parent can't easily get to the box to fix the problem?

If so, it may be time to have an electrician come look around your parents aging home, to make sure that the electrical components meeting building requirements. Here are a few things you want to ask about and consider replacing.

An Aging Breaker Box

If the breaker box is old, or if the brand is Federal Pacific, your parents could be at the risk of experiencing a house fire. This is a huge safety concern and you want to have the breaker box replaced with a newer, safer model, and you may want to see if the box can be moved. If the box isn't in a location where your parent can easily access it, ask the electrician how difficult it would be to move it or add a second somewhere else in the house.

Deteriorating Wiring

If the house is decades old and you can see old knob and tube wiring, or other types of wiring that are stripped, corroding and damaged, it's time to invest the money for an upgrade. Talk with the electrician about what the best electrical wiring upgrades are for the property, and what will make the house the safest. Replacing the electrical wiring in the house increases the property value too.

Proper Detectors and Alarms

Are the smoke and fire detectors in the house outdated? You want the electrician to replace all these items, and then install a security system that will alert the authorities if there is a fire hazard in the home. These detectors should also have sensors for gas in case there are gas leaks or issues.

If the breaker box is always causing a problem, the lights flicker or blink, or you hear a humming when you turn on a light in the house, it's time to have an electrician make the necessary changes throughout the property. You don't want to worry that something will happen to your parents' home, or to your parents, because you ignored the signs of old and faulty wiring. Get a few estimates and ask your electrician how they can help you to get the job completed at a price your parent can afford. 


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