Summer's Right Around The Corner -- Hire An Electrician For These Outdoor Jobs

Posted on: 27 April 2016

With summer right around the corner, you'll soon be spending more time outdoors in your yard -- working on various yard projects and also hopefully having some time to relax. Before the season arrives, it's worthwhile to think about what changes you can make to the yard, and then hire an electrician to make your ideas become a reality. Outdoor electrical work is about more than installing lights around your yard or patio, although your local electrical contractor can certainly do this work for you, too. Here are some other ideas that will keep your electrician busy and make you enjoy your yard even more when summer arrives.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Outlets

Over time, due to their exposure to the elements, wall outlets mounted outside your home can stop working. Moisture, bugs and other issues can be the cause of the problem. This is a hassle if you're using electrical devices such as a lawnmower or weed trimmer, as you'll constantly have to use extension cords plugged into outlets inside of your home. Your local electrician can upgrade your outdoor outlets to be more robust, as well as install weatherproof covers over them. These hinged covers will provide a seal over the outlets when you're not using them, but be easy to lift when you need to get power.

Install Radiant Heaters

Cool summer and autumn nights are made cozy with the addition of radiant heaters mounted above your deck. While you might think of buying your own free-standing heaters and placing them around the deck yourself, the reality is that they'll get in the way and could even pose a burn risk for your children or pets. An electrician can expertly install radiant heaters above your outdoor seating areas, connect the wires to your home's circuit breaker panel and subtly hide the wiring so the job looks tidy and professional.

Add An Electric Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace quickly boosts the ambiance of your space, but dealing with wood and soot might not be the way you want to spend the summer months. A viable alternative is an electric fireplace, which your electrician can install on your patio, around the pool or elsewhere that suits you. By running the wires through an underground conduit, the job will look tidy and there will be little to give away that your fire source is actually electric -- except for the convenient switch that will turn the fire on and off for you.

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