3 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Bunk Bed Areas

Posted on: 7 May 2016

When children have to share a room together, one way to save space and provide separate sleeping areas is with bunk beds. While bunk beds are great for shared bedrooms, there are some downfalls that come with relaxing and hanging out in these structures. Instead of dealing with these downfalls, an electrician can install three different upgrades near the bunk bed area. These upgrades are great for everyday living and can make it a lot easier for a child to enjoy either the top or bottom bunk.

Wall Lighting

The bottom bunk is often enclosed on multiple sides. This can really limit the available lighting and make it harder for children to read, color, or see well while playing with toys. One way to help add some illumination into the bottom bunk with wall lighting installations. An electrician can install recessed lighting into the side of the wall. This lighting can provide full illumination for the bottom bunk without taking up any extra space or having to shove lamps within the confined space. Extra lighting can also be provided for the top bunk if there are issues as well. This gives each child their own lights for use in the bed.

Light Dimmer Switches

Along with providing lights for each part of the bunk bed, the lights can be controlled and operated with separate light dimmer switches. This gives each child more control of the available light for their own section of the room. For example, if a child wakes up first in the morning, then they can turn on their light to a low dim that provides enough illumination to see around the room. At night, each child can set the dimmer switch to different brightness based on the activities that they are doing.

Top Bunk Outlet Installations

A top bunk sits high up in the room and often does not provide the same access as areas lower to the ground. Instead of hanging cables and plugs off of the top bunk, an electrician has the ability to install outlets high up on the walls and next to the top bunk. This makes it easier for children to plug in portable gaming chargers or plugs for devices like a tablet. The outlets can also feature USB ports instead of standard plugs to give the child different options for USB gadgets and charging cables. The extra outlets can also help prevent the children from arguing over outlet use and giving them each their own power areas.

Once you have a set area for the bunk beds, you can consult with an electrical services tech over the different installation possibilities.


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