Efficient And Convenient Wiring For Computer Households

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Computers have long since become a major part of the American household, and the mobile generation hasn't pushed larger computers out of the scene. Desktops and laptops are still necessary for power and comfortable use, but they're still tethered by wires and connectors. To free yourself from a wall or corner that doesn't enable your productivity or entertainment as much as possible, take a look at the ways electricians can help.

It's More Than Socket Placement

The easiest thing that an electrician can do for computer users is to add a few new electrical sockets. An outlet in the right place makes a world of difference when you don't have to worry about tripping over cables or reaching across rooms just to get a connection. That kind of convenience is just scratching the surface.

Electrician can also route network cables and Universal Serial Bus (USB) cables through the walls with amazing results. It's not uncommon to see an Ethernet cable or optical fiber cable port in the wall with a face plate just like an electrical outlet, but USB wall connectors are a little more rare and misunderstood. 

Think about all of the devices that have a USB or micro/mini USB connector, and how often they require an adapter or separate cable for connection. Instead, these slender additions to the wall outlets can make the modern world of charging so much more convenient. An electrician doesn't need to be a computer expert to connect the port; unless you have a complex plan for connecting a computer to wall outlets, you can simply use these wall USB outlets for charging only, which an electrician can handle with a standard wiring guide.

Backup Power Planning

Your home isn't necessarily a vital communications center, but the equipment used by military and emergency services have been available for homes and offices for quite some time. To give yourself a bit more time to shut down computers properly while avoiding damage from sudden power loss, an electrician can arrange an emergency backup plan.

The first level of backup power is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is a high-capacity battery inside a case that manages how power is distributed. Modern UPS units will show how long power can last, but the estimate is based on how many devices are connected and how much power they draw.

Just like a power strip, multiple devices can be added to certain UPS models. You'll need to perform a dry run with your computers and other devices to know the usual backup power duration, which means leaving the UPS on without any electrical connection and timing the performance. An electrician can handle the performance for you, and can even suggest other backup techniques such as solar power battery backups.

Contact an electrician, such as RDS Electric, to discuss other ways to keep your computer household comfortable, efficient and well-powered.  


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