Energy-Saving Ceiling Fans

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Ceiling fans have been around for a long time, so you may think they are outdated and not that helpful to heating and cooling your home. If that's your opinion, you should reconsider it. Adding ceiling fans to your residence can make a significant contribution to your comfort while adding an interesting design element at the same time. 


When things get hot outside, your air conditioning ends up working overtime. Having an electrician install ceiling fans in the family rooms and bedrooms can efficiently circulate the air, pushing it downward and providing you with a breeze. This action makes your feel cooler although a ceiling fan does not lower the room temperature. As a result, you can keep the air conditioner set at a higher temperature, saving you money on your electric bills. 


You may have heard that ceiling fans help you stay warm in the winter but never really understood how. In the summer, you should run the fan in a counterclockwise direction. For wintertime use, you can reverse this motion to the clockwise direction. Most ceiling fans have a switch on the side that allows you to make this change. This action pushes the warm air off of the ceiling and forces it downward so you feel warmer. After all, a warm ceiling doesn't do you much good when you are downstairs. 


You aren't stuck with the same ceiling fans as your parents used. Although you can still find traditional models and even those with an antique feel, contemporary fans are now easy to find. You can choose models that "hug" the ceiling and come in sleek metallic finishes to complement your more modern home's design. You can also choose remote control ceiling fans so you never need to jump up and adjust the air flow. In addition, the lighting elements of these fans are truly impressive, so you improve visibility in your home while lowering your heating and cooling costs. 

Ceiling fans are still workhorses. They can light up your room while making it more comfortable in both winter and summer. Although they do not actually generate heat or cold, they will make you feel warmer or cooler depending on which way they turn. Ceiling fans can eliminate the need for box fans or space heaters in your home, reducing your energy usage even further. Visit to learn more about ceiling fan installation.


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