What You Need To Know About Cable Clamps

Posted on: 15 May 2016

If you're completing a project that requires your to do electrical work, you need to know what type of cable clamps to purchase. Cable clamps are used to secure bundles of wiring or cable to keep them neat and orderly. By clamping bundles of wires together behind your walls, it's easier to locate the wiring when needed. It isn't difficult to find cable clamps for sale, but before you buy any, you need to make sure you're purchasing the right kind of clamps for your project.

General-Purpose Cable Clamps

General purpose cable clamps are made from either steel, stainless steel, or plastic. Some of the steel and stainless steel options are coated in black plastic to keep the clamps from hurting your hands when you're carrying a bundle of cables or wires. These small clamps are shaped like a circle. However, the circle has a split opening that allows you to pull the clamp apart and place it around a bundle of wires. On the tips of the clamp are protruding flanges. Each of the flanges have a hole in the center so that when the clamp is closed, the flanges butt up against each other and a screw or a nail can be driven through the hole to hold the wire bundle in place. These clamps are a good option for someone completing electrical work behind a wall, because the wires can be clamped together and the clamp nailed into the nearest stud.

U-Bolt Cable Clamps

U-bolt clamps are also popular, but they aren't typically used to complete behind-the-wall electrical work. A u-bolt clamp is shaped like a "U." It has threaded ends and comes with a small clamp plate and two nuts. To use the clamp, the cable or wiring is placed in the curved part of the "U." Once it's in place, you slide the clamp plate onto the clamp, push down as far as it can go, and screw a nut onto each end of the clamp to keep the plate secure. While U-bolt clamps aren't typically used on wiring that sits behind your drywall, they are a great option for wires and cables that are running through your crawl space, in your attic, or in your basement.

The fact is, cable clamps are designed to hold multiple wires or cables together, and when used correctly they come in handy. But, before you start your next wiring project, make sure you have the right type of cable clamps on hand. To learn more about cable clamps for sale, contact a company like Winnie Industries


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