The New Definitions Of Courtin' And Sparkin': Generator Sales, Installation, And Service

Posted on: 19 September 2016

In the South, there are some old-timey phrases used to describe dating practices. They are "courtin'" and "sparkin'". Courtin' or courting means you make plans to spend time with a love interest, and sparkin', or sparking, means you do extra-special things that will likely get you a kiss. However, these two words adopt new definitions when you use them to describe generator sales, installation, and service. Here is what the new "courtin' and sparkin'" mean in relation to generators.

In the "Courtin'" Phase

In line with the new definition as it relates to generators, the "courtin'" is the phase where you are taken with the idea of having a generator. Sure, it is a great idea, but do you know for sure that you will need it? How often will you use the generator? Then you have to select the generator, buy the generator, and look for electricians who will install the generator. Once your generator is installed, you have to decide how to use it and how to activate it when you do need it. This is very similar to dating or courting in that you need to make decisions, and understand that your decisions and your communication with the generator salesperson and the electrician are all part of the "relationship" concerning your new generator.

In the "Sparkin'" Phase

For generators there is, quite literally, a sparking phase. This is when the generator fires up and sparks are thrown off until it gets going and your lights are turned on. There is a second sparking phase too, and that is when the generator blows and has trouble functioning. It needs repair work which will get it to start sparking correctly again and renew your faith in the machine's ability to spread light and warmth when you really need it. The electrician will help with the sparking repairs and let you know when sparks mean something entirely different than just start-up light and noise. That is when you should worry about the machine, but hurry to fix it so that it stays functional for years to come.

The Fuel and the Temperament of Your Generator

Like a human relationship, it is easy to see how a generator needs to be selected carefully, applied to life, and treated with proper care. The fuel and temperament of a generator are also important. A gas generator needs to be fed regularly or it dies. An electric generator needs little "food," but when it is running it needs to be monitored carefully for continued functionality. Generators also tend to have a "temperament" like people, meaning that you might need one that needs frequent maintenance and care, or you might have one that never breaks down. You will learn which one you have every time you need to use your generator.

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