Three Electrical Options You Need For Your Covered Porch

Posted on: 21 September 2016

A covered porch is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. With a covered porch, you have the ability to view the outside, but you will be protected from elements such as falling leaves, snow, and the hot sun. If you are trying to build a porch that you can spend an entire day on, you may need to extend your electrical service to your porch for a few options. Here are three electrical items that you may want on your covered porch. 

Covered lights

Just like the lights inside of your home, you will need a bright light for the porch. In order to make sure that the bulb is not exposed and therefore an electrical hazard, you should make sure that the light bulb is covered with a light fixture. The type of bulb that you select can be dim and provide just enough light to illuminate the porch at night or it can be bright enough to read in. Depending on how you plan to use the room, make sure that you select a bulb wattage that is enough to enjoy your covered porch. 

Ceiling fan

In order to be able to enjoy the hot summer months while on the porch, you should install a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is an important part of the structure of any outdoor room so that you can keep the space cool without having to add a vent or a floor fan that may take up space. The ceiling fan should be operable from the same light switch as the light for the porch. Be sure the fan has several speeds so that you can operate the fan in major heat and when you just want a small breeze. 

Electric fireplace

One of the best ways to create ambiance and functionality for the winter is to add a fireplace to your porch. Rather than a wood burning or a gas fireplace, you should have an electrical service company wire your porch with electrical outlets so that you can install an electric fireplace. The fireplace can be turned on with a remote control or with a switch on the fireplace itself to radiate the heat that you need for your porch. Be sure to follow safety standards and place the fireplace in a spot where it will not be affected by any wet weather or any condensation. 

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