Information To Gather Before Getting An Estimate For A New Electrical Outlet

Posted on: 22 September 2016

If you want to have an electrician come out and install a new electrical outlet in your home, there is certain information that you need to gather before you call in order to ensure that you get an accurate estimate.

#1 Type Of Outlet

First, you need to know what type of outlet you want to install based on what you will be using the outlet for. A 120-volt outlet supports the use of most regular household items, such as a lamp, television, or a cell phone charger. A 240-volt outlet is designed to support appliances like your fridge or your dryer. GFCI outlets are designed to be placed near water sources, like your bathroom or utility room; they will shut off if they come in contact with water.

#2 Outlet Location

You are going to need to let the electrician know if the outlet is going to be installed inside or outside; each location will require different materials. You are also going to need to let the electrician know what type of material they will be cutting through, such as drywall or concrete, so that they can bring the right cutting supplies.

#3 Control Panel Location

You will need to let the electrician know where the control panel is located and approximately how far it is from where you want the outlet installed. For example, if your control panel is located down in the basement, and you are installing an outlet right above it at a distance of less than 50 feet, your electrician will need to bring different supplies than for a new outlet that is 100 feet away from the control panel and is located on the same level.

#4 Open Space On Your Control Panel

Check your control panel and figure out how many open breaker spots you have. The breaker spots are square or rectangular areas; if there is not a switch in that area, it is an open spot. If your breaker is too full, your electrician may need to install a new control panel. You'll also want to note the brand of your control panel, as that can influence the parts that your electrician needs to bring.

By gathering all the information above and providing it to your electrician when you call and get an estimate, you'll be able to get the most accurate information possible about installing a new outlet in your home. For more information, talk to an electrician like those at Morris Electric Contracting & Service, Inc.


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