Beyond the Budget: Further Elements of a Good Electrical Service Contract

Posted on: 2 February 2017

How do you seal the deal after deciding to hire an electrical contractor? If you usually rely on a handshake agreement, then you have been going about it the wrong way. You need a service contract, which should include at least these four things:

Start and Finish Dates

You may think it's obvious that the electrician will start work immediately once you have an agreement, but what if they still have other pending projects to complete? What if a recent hurricane has caused widespread damage and the electricians in your city can't handle all the work? The only way to ensure that your project will be started and finished on time is to put it down on your contract.

Description of the Project

You may think this would be obvious, but even a "simple" job may contain several mini projects that you should clarify from the outset. For example, if you are wiring your basement, you will need to add a basement subpanel if the existing electrical panel can't handle all the power needs in your basement. It would be for you to assume that the installation of the subpanel is included in the cost of the project while the electrician assumes that the stated cost only covers the actual wiring of the basement. Having a written contract enables you to describe exactly what's included and excluded in the job.

List of All Subcontractors

If you have a large project, it's possible that the electrical contractor will have some subcontractors to help them with the work. Now, you may have chosen your preferred contractor based on their skills and experience, but do you know the subcontractors they will be using? It's true that if you are dealing with an experienced contractor, they are likely to hire only the best subcontractors too. However, there is no harm in getting this reassurance by seeing a list of the subcontractors the contractor will use on the contract.

The Materials

Lastly, the service contract should also contain the choice of materials to be used in the project. For example, if you are wiring the basement, it may be necessary to specify the types of outlets, cables, and even light fixtures to install. This is advisable because, just like other products, electrical products differ in their performance, quality, and price.

As you can see, an electrical service contract is a necessity for any paid project. The next time you are hiring a contractor, make sure you pay enough attention to the service contract. 


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