Safely Working With Electricity in an Industrial Setting

Posted on: 3 February 2017

When you need to have electricity powering a machine in an industrial setting, the power rating and amount of electricity the electrician will be working with is likely much higher than that in your home. The electrician needs to have a comprehensive understanding of high voltage systems and how to work with them safely. Hiring just any electrical contractor may not be the best option in these cases, so take a little time to ensure you get one that is trained in industrial settings.

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

It is critical that all your employees are safe on the job, and if you are using equipment that runs off electricity, you need to be sure that everything was installed properly and is ready for your workers to use. Because these large machines use much higher amperage to power them, the electrician that you use to install the equipment must have experience with this type of work and can perform it correctly. Educate your employees as well about the equipment so they understand what parts are off limits to anyone other than an industrial electrician.

Getting the Job Done Right

Whether you are having new equipment installed or running a new power line across your facility, knowing that the job will be done right is critical. Spend a little time looking at electrical contractors, checking references, and asking about the type of work they typically do before you hire them. If you deal with a lot of electrical work in your shop or facility, it might be worth hiring an industrial electrician and bringing them onto your maintenance staff so they are there to perform the work, maintain the lines, and troubleshoot problems as needed.

Deciphering the Code

In many states, the electrical code is filled with technical requirements that can be a little hard to understand. One benefit to having an electrician as part of your maintenance team is that they can accurately decipher and understand the electrical code that needs to be adhered to. While you could seek clarification from the local building inspector on any code you didn't understand, the electrician is going to be required to complete the work so bringing them in early is probably easier than trying to sort it all out on your own.

Keeping Costs Lower Through With Safe Practices

All of the work performed in your facility or shop is going to affect the insurance ratings and the premiums you pay. Because electricity is such a large concern with its potential to start fires or injure people, the insurance company is going to be less likely to raise rates if a company that is being aware of the potential hazards and doing everything they can to minimize them.

To learn more about keeping your people safe, your building and property safe, and your insurance premiums low, talk to an industrial electrician like those at Brian Thornton Sons Electric


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