Improvements And Upgrades To Update Outdated Business Electrical Systems

Posted on: 23 February 2017

The right electrical improvements will make your business safer and reduce costs. An older building has problems like old wiring, lack of security features and no backup for power outages. Lighting that is outdated may be costing your business thousands every year in wasted electricity. An investment in some of these electrical improvements will help make your business better:

1. Rewiring and Updating Outdated Wiring for Safety of Your Business

Older businesses may have many problems with wiring that is outdated. If the wiring of your business is several decades old, it may be time to have new electrical wiring installed. You should contact a commercial electrical contractor and have them inspect your business. The electrician can recommend improvements to bring the electrical wiring up to code and repairs to problems like damaged wiring and electrical connections.  With modern commercial businesses, electrical wiring also needs to be installed in conduits to reduce the risk of fire due to electrical shorts. Make sure your business has the approved conduits for running electrical wiring.

2. More Security with Motion Detectors and Security Lighting

Security of your business is another improvement to consider with electrical upgrades. Consider solutions like security lighting and motion detectors. In addition, having emergency lighting installed will also help to ensure safety for your business. Have an electrical contractor add motion detectors and emergency lighting for safety and security. You should also have safety power shut-off switches for areas with equipment that can cause hazards. While wiring for the electrical systems, you can also talk with the commercial electrician about wiring for security systems and surveillance for your business.

3. Cutting Energy Waste with Solar Panels, Better Lighting, and Backup Power

Energy costs are something that will eat away at the profits of a business. Today, renewable energy is a good investment to help reduce costs of energy for your business. Consider improvements like solar panels to help keep energy costs of your business down. In addition to renewable energy, lighting can also be improved to reduce energy costs. Change any outdated lighting to modern LED or CFL lighting solutions. Outdoor lighting should be changed to LED lamps to reduce energy costs.

Electrical improvements like modern lighting, renewable energy and motion detectors can help improve your business. If you are ready for a better electrical system, contact a commercial electrical contractor and talk with them about the best improvements for the electrical wiring of your business. 


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