3 Important Maintenance Steps That Keep Residential Generators Long-Lasting

Posted on: 30 November 2017

Generators are important to have on your property, as they keep the power running should the electricity stop working in your home. No matter what type of residential generator you have, it's important to perform these maintenance steps on a regular basis. 

Clean the Air Filter

To keep your generator working as efficiently as possible, the air filter needs to be clean. If it isn't, the generator has to work harder and could very well cause the motor to overheat. Avoid these expensive complications by inspecting the air filter on a regular basis. 

Locate the air filter cap and remove the filter from the generator. If the filter is dirty and reusable, you can spray water over the surface to remove dirt, debris, and other substances that have collected over time. Make sure the filter is dry before placing it back into the correct position. If the filter is not reusable, make sure you get a replacement with the same dimensions. 

Inspect the Spark Plug

One of the most important parts of residential generators is the spark plug, which needs to be inspected and replaced if damaged. Using a wrench, disconnect the spark plug so that it's easy to inspect. If the spark plug is dirty, be sure to clean it off with a wire brush. Make sure you avoid dipping this part into water, as this would cause it to short out. 

If any of the electrodes on the plug are damaged or rust is present, install a new spark plug to ensure the generator works safely and efficiently. When installing the new plug, be sure you don't screw it on too tight. 

Store It Properly  

If you don't plan on using the generator any time soon, you need to store it properly. The ideal environment is someplace that is free of humidity and dust. If you have children, make sure the area is locked so that no injuries occur. 

You'll also want to drain the fuel tank using a siphon and a gasoline container, to ensure no liquids leak out and cause hazards. You might even want to put a cover over the generator, keeping it safe from dust and other debris. 

If you want your residential generator to last for as long as possible, you need to maintain it properly throughout the year. Contact a residential electrician, like one from Hans Electrical Inc, if you run into complex maintenance issues for your overall safety. 


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