Have Outlets That Don't Work In Your Old Home? What To Know

Posted on: 7 March 2018

If the outlets in your home have never worked right, and some run off switches, and some just may not work, you want to get the help of an electrician to find out what is going on. If you can't use all of the outlets and it's starting to become an inconvenience, you want to get a solution for the problem. Here are some of the things that you want to take into consideration, and that you should discuss with the electrician when you have them at your house.

Replacing All Outlets

If the outlets are outdated they could possess a variety of fire hazards and other safety concerns. Talk with the electrician about replacing not just the outlets that don't work, but maybe all of the outlets that are a safety concern and a potential problem. This way you don't have to worry about what problems are lingering in between the walls within the plates.

Updating the System

Repairing all the boxes and wiring so that all the outlets work may cause some issues for the breaker box. If there are too many electrical sources trying to pull electricity at the same time, this could cause a fuse to get blown. See if you need to update the breaker box or any of the wiring throughout the system to accommodate these changes and concerns.

Inspecting the Wiring

The wiring should be a concern if the house is old. If it isn't coated wiring that can't be damaged by water, and that is protected so the wiring isn't exposed, these are some of the main components that need to be replaced in your home. Talk with your electrician to see what the cost would be to get all new wiring, and how much you would have to dig into the walls inside the home.

There are a lot of different things that you want to look into doing if your outlets aren't working, if you don't know if it's the outlet boxes, the wiring or the breaker, and if your house and the wiring is old. You don't want to be living in a fire hazard, and all the money you invest into the property will be seen as a return when you sell, because buyers will love that money was spend and invested to improve the electrical system throughout the living space. Get more details and estimates to get the project started.  Contact a company, like Bausum & Duckett Electric Company Inc, for more info.


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